svk command

svk is offline version of svn. Support some features as git.

To show svk version:

svk –version –quiet

Available commands

add – Put files and directories under version control
admin – Administration tools
annotate – Display per-line revision and author info
branch – Manage a project with its branches
cat – Output the file from depot
checkout – Checkout the depotpath
cleanup – Remove stalled locks
cmerge – Merge specific changes
commit – Commit changes to depot
copy – Make a versioned copy
delete – Remove versioned item
depotmap – Create or edit the depot mapping configuration
describe – Describe a change
diff – Display diff between revisions or checkout copies
help – Show help
ignore – Ignore files by setting svn:ignore property
import – Import directory into depot
info – Display information about a file or directory
list – List entries in a directory from depot
log – Show log messages for revisions
merge – Apply differences between two sources
mirror – Initialize a mirrored depotpath
mkdir – Create a versioned directory
move – Move a file or directory
patch – Manage patches
propdel – Delete a property on files or dirs
propedit – Edit a property on path
propget – Display a property on path
proplist – List all properties on files or dirs
propset – Set a property on path
pull – Bring changes from another repository
push – Move changes into another repository
resolved – Remove conflict mark from checkout items
revert – Revert changes made in checkout copies
smerge – Automatically merge all changes between branches
status – Display the status of items in the checkout copy
switch – Switch to another branch and keep local changes
sync – Synchronize a mirrored depotpath
update – Bring changes from repository to checkout copies
verify – Verify change signatures