google analytics uri go wrong

View Full Page URL In Reports

By default, the data in your reports includes only the Request URI and not the domain name:

URL of page:
Request URI: /foldername/page.html
Domain name:

If you’d like to see the domain name as well as the Request URI in your reports, create an Advanced filter for your view with the following settings:

Filter Type: Custom filter > Advanced
Field A: Hostname
Extract A: (.*)
Field B: Request URI
Extract B: (.*)
Output To: Request URI
Constructor: $A1$B1

Note that creating URL rewrite filters like the one described above can affect Analytics’ ability to match your goals properly.

If you’re using Google Analytics filters to rewrite your URLs, you need to make sure that your goal settings reflect these changes. Like all filters, URL-rewrite filters are applied to the raw data coming into your account, before goals are processed. As a result, your goal and funnel URLs should reflect the final, rewritten format of the URL. For example:

If your site’s URL:


is rewritten by a filter to look like:


then your goal should match

/download/file and not /directory/download/file.html